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Central PA Car dealership with recently stripped and waxed floors by B Clean Professionals

Strip & Wax

At B Clean Professionals, we offer complete floor stripping, sealing, waxing, and buffing services for all types of hard surface flooring including vinyl, hardwood, concrete, and more.

We Always Go Above & Beyond

Utilizing specialized equipment, superior techniques, and commercial grade floor waxes, we have our clients' floors looking great - regardless of their condition when we started. We know that it's of paramount importance to ensure your flooring looks polished, clean, and professional - especially those that see their fair share of traffic. We go above and beyond (every single time) to make those floors look like new.

Lancaster PA Luxury hotel lobby with floors recently stripped and waxed by B Clean Professionals

We pride ourselves on our  meticulous work and believe in doing things differently.

Luxury kitchen in Mechanicsburg PA with wood, tile, and carpet recently cleaned by B Clean Professionals

Sometimes, you just need a polish.

We also offer cleaning and polishing services for floors that do not need to be fully stripped. If the wax is able to be cleaned and polished, this is a less expensive option for surfaces in decent shape. By leaving most of the good condition wax and applying a fresh new coat to the top, the floor looks shiny and beautiful again. 

Our Strip & Wax Process

We don’t just quickly use a stripper and then mop up the mess. We use extra strength stripping agents to break down old floor wax. Then, we use weighted floor machines to ensure that all of the old wax is completely scrubbed off of the floor. Afterward, we extract the old wax and dirt with our specialized cleaning processes.

Our method takes more time, but the results are amazing! Our process will even make Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) floors that were not properly maintained look great again.

Harrisburg Map Showcasing B Clean Professionals Service Area

Our Service Area

We offer strip and wax cleaning services in Central PA including Harrisburg, Hershey, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Enola, New Cumberland, Linglestown, Middletown, Highspire, Steelton, Lemoyne, and Wormleysburg. 

New! Now offering York and Lancaster commercial cleaning as well!

Close up of B Clean Professional's hands with gloves on sanitizing a counter in an office building
B Clean Professionals' employees exemplify professionalism, kindness, and courteousness when they are on site. I highly recommend B Clean to anybody that has carpets, vinyl, hardwood, or tile flooring that needs cleaned.
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